This Is Where Your Wine Corks Come From

Added on Aug 16, 2018 From Great Big Story

Uncorking a bottle of wine after a long day is one of the few true pleasures in life. But ever wonder where that small cork—aka the last thing standing between you and your favorite red—comes from? In Portugal, there’s a long and rich history of harvesting cork trees. Harvesters strip trees of their bark by hand, using a process that makes certain the tree remains alive and healthy. The method is so difficult that harvesters begin learning the trade from a young age, keeping up a skill passed down through the generations. So, the next time you kick back with a bottle of wine, give that pesky cork a second glance—its journey from bark to bottle is more surprising than you think.

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umberceri Says:

Sep 23, 2022 - Absolutely facinating!

Adam Kruse Says:

Sep 16, 2022 - Duh mens

Alex Ghazal Says:

Aug 9, 2022 - He speaks English just like Ronaldo lol

Magnus McCloud Says:

Jul 22, 2022 - How about the women who soak the corks? they are very excellent corksoakers. I heard the toothless grandma is an expert corksoaker.

Cindy Cisneros Says:

Jun 25, 2022 - Wow 🫣

Daniel DeVito Says:

Jun 8, 2022 - It's actually not supposed to be found in baseball bats. If you find cork in a baseball bat, that batter was cheating.

gagiva Tan Says:

Jun 6, 2022 - in a year can harvest all trees, then workers can rest for 8 years

Sean Spencer Says:

May 6, 2022 - Actually incredibly cool. This is a tradition which should be respected. I'm glad machines haven't replaced them, and I hope it never does. These men are artisans, in an age that easily forgets.

erinmacha Says:

Apr 9, 2022 - I hope they have cork tree seeds stashed somewhere. I would hate to see these trees get sick and not have a way to replace them and the cork they produce.


Mar 18, 2022 - Dose anyone know what the background music of 1:19 is called